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Are You Happy You Are Saved?

God's Lamb

My Help Comes From The LORD

How To Survive Spiritually In These Last Days

Steps To Having Peace With God

What Is In A Name

A True Veteran of Faith

How To Express Thanksgiving

The Good And Bad Of Thanksgiving

There Is Hope

Three Christmas Messages

What Is The Lord's Supper

Beware Of Satan's Ravine In 2018

Stewardship Of Prayer

Safeguards Of Purity

A Prayer That Changed A Life

Grace Of The Father

God's Plan For The Family

Privilege of Giving To Missions

The Lost Art of Disciple Making

The Cross


I Will Be With Thee


What Is A Christian

Ye Shall Be Free Indeed

God Gives 2nd Chances

Bible Prophecy

Behold, I Stand At The Door


God Is Faithful To The Fallen

Keeping Your Vision Alive & Fresh


God is Faithful To The Defeated


God Is Faithful To Finish His Work In You


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Revival Sunday AM - Bro. Herman Cramer    5-17-2020

Revival Sunday PM - Bro. Herman Cramer    5-17-2020

Revival Monday PM - Bro. Herman Cramer   5-18-2020

Revival Tuesday PM - Bro. Herman Cramer    5-19-2020

Revival Wednesday PM - Bro. Herman Cramer  5-20-2020

Memorial Day                           5-24-2020

Keeping Your Vision Part 1       5-24-2020  PM